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How To Stand Out At Work As An Introvert

about 2 months ago by Saima Chadney

How To Stand Out At Work As An Introvert

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​Are you worried that being an introvert prevents you from being noticed in the workplace? Do you avoid speaking up in meetings, presenting your ideas, or engaging in office chat simply because you can’t face being the centre of attention?

Being an introvert at work can be tough. It can lead to you hiding behind the more extroverted colleagues who have no trouble vocalising what they think making it difficult to truly show your value to the company. But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

Just because you don’t want to put yourself in the spotlight by presenting your work in front of a large group of people or attending every single employee happy hour, it doesn’t mean you can’t get noticed in the workplace. There are many traits you possess as an introvert that can help you stand out without the need to change who you are - it’s just a matter of realising and understanding these strengths and learning how and when to use them.

So, let’s look at some of the ways you can use your skills as an introvert to stand out at work.

Realise your value, and don’t be afraid to show it!

Repeat after me: being an introvert is not a weakness. In fact, it is a very big strength. Just because you aren’t the loudest member of the team, doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to contribute. Introverts are often very capable of working independently and figuring things out for themselves. They’re perfectionists who are self-motivated and capable of completing tasks without the need for much support. Being able to get lost in solitary work such as reading, writing, researching, coding or creating for hours on end is incredibly productive and isn’t something everyone can do.

Once you realise this capability, you’ll gain the confidence to volunteer whenever there’s a project that requires your specific skills. If there’s a project that needs someone to analyse large amounts of data or to be creative and come up with innovative ideas go for it! The more you do, the more you’ll become known for these traits in the workplace.

Listen, learn and absorb

As an introvert, you probably don’t spend a lot of time talking. Use this time to listen, absorb, and learn as much as you can. Active listening has even been proven to help build strong relationships and foster trust in the workplace – read our blog about active listening here to find out more!

Next time you’re in a meeting, support a colleague's opinion you agree with by paraphrasing what they have said. Everyone loves being listened to and it will give them more of a reason to remember who you are.

If your boss forgets to discuss a point that was mentioned a couple of weeks ago, remind them of what it was. It will prove that you are on top of your game and add significant value to the team!

Talk about things your passionate about

You’ll be glad to know that gossiping over lunch, or attending every happy hour isn't the only way to engage with your fellow employees.

If you're not good at everyday chit-chat, focus on engaging in conversation whenever a topic you're passionate about comes up. You'll have interesting and valuable things to say and it will give people a reason to remember who you are.

You can even initiate this type of conversation yourself. Think about some work-related passions you have and find ways to connect with others by using them as a starting point. For example, discuss your reasons for choosing your career or talk about a recently published article that has something to do with your industry.

Remember, you don't have to go around talking to everyone all the time. Just focus on occasionally socialising with your peers in ways that are meaningful and engaging.

Ask for 1-1 meetings and take on individual projects

The phrases 'teamwork' and 'group meetings' can cause introverts quite a bit of anxiety. If you don't thrive in a meeting where there are lots of people, ask your supervisor for a 1-1 to communicate your ideas and skills. It will remove the barrier caused by your shyness and allow you to talk more effectively about what you can do.

If you’re given a project that involves working with a group, don't do the typical introvert thing where you either take on all the tasks or hide behind the work of your peers because you think they'll do a better job. Instead, be proactive and ask your manager if you can take on an individual project instead that is within your area of expertise. Businesses are constantly growing and innovating so there are bound to be endless amounts of tasks that you can help complete.

Accept when you need to be brave and embrace the challenge

While there are many strengths to an introverted personality, lack of self-belief and always choosing to sit on the sidelines are not. It is important to recognise that there is a difference between honouring the skills of your introversion and allowing the fear of failure to win.

When an opportunity at work arises that is miles outside your comfort zone, make sure you question your reasons before saying no. If you genuinely don't want to do it and have no interest in the work, that's fine. However, if it's something you deep down want to do but are too shy or worried you'll fail, that's not a reason! It's an indicator that you should say yes! Being brave and doing things that scare you will help build your confidence and prove to your introverted mind that you can do hard things!

Take pride in being an introvert!

While many may think being an introvert at work is a weakness, it can be a massive strength.

Be confident in your skills and learn to use them in strategic ways that will help you get noticed in the workplace. You’ll soon learn that you don’t have to be the loudest person in the room to stand out and make your worth known!

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