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Considering a Contractor?

about 3 years ago by Thea Fraser

Considering a Contractor?

Blog Why Hire A Contractor

With the future awash with uncertainty, it has come as no surprise that interviews and start dates for permanent hires are being pushed back. It’s understandable. But the country has not yet come to a standstill and many businesses (especially those with the capacity to work from home) are continuing with business as usual. In freezing your recruitment process, you could leave yourself in limbo. If only there were a time and cost-efficient way to temporarily reinforce your workforce during this turbulent time… well, there is. Here are our top five reasons why you should consider hiring a contractor:

1.     They come, they work, they leave - You only need to hire (and pay) a contractor for the time that you need them, whether that is days, weeks or simply hours. They are cost-effective in that they won’t increase your permanent headcount, meaning you won’t have to budget for an entire salary, sick pay or annual leave.

2.     Filling in the gaps – Contractors are often highly qualified, experienced and flexible, making them a valuable resource for one-off projects, emergency cover or unexpected peaks in trade. They will enable your business to respond quickly to unexpected surges and lapses in workload seamlessly.

3.     They often work remotely – With most of us being advised to work from home where possible, there has never been a better time to hire someone who provides their own equipment for the job and can support your business remotely. That means no additional costs on tech or training. They have a proven track record of hitting the ground running, delivering business-critical requirements independently and adding value to a business from day one.

4.     Contractors come job-ready – They often have specialist skillsets and are familiar with the latest technology and software. Contractors who temp regularly have had exposure to a wide variety of businesses, giving them a holistic understanding of their industry. Not only can they provide your business with fresh perspectives, but in sharing best practices with inhouse staff, they may save your business future training costs.

5.     They have short notice periods – Even in the turbulence that we are currently experiencing, contractors are available to start at very short notice, sometimes almost immediately. They are not subject to the same contractual implications as permanent employees. No waiting for lengthy notice periods, your business has access to a pool of knowledge and expertise at the drop of a hat.

Hiring a contractor is a time and cost-efficient way to alleviate some of the pressure that your business may experience in the upcoming months. As expected, we have seen a noticeable increase in the demand for contractors over the last week and with the IR35 Reform being pushed back to April 2021, it is now easier than ever to hire a contractor.

With the anticipated economic challenges that lie ahead of us, no doubt we could all use a fresh injection of energy and expertise to keep our operations running smoothly, with no strings attached. For more information and support, contact | 0121 631 1751.