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Toxic workplace survey

Have you ever experienced a toxic workplace?

Recent research has indicated that one-third of UK employees have been forced to take time off due to a toxic working environment, and 42% have worked within a culture that has been detrimental to their mental health.

With this in mind, we’re interested in discovering exactly which harmful behaviours are most prevalent in today’s workplaces, and learning more about individual experiences of toxic workplace cultures. By doing so, we hope to help raise greater awareness of these issues, and encourage employers to institute fairer and more equitable working practices for all. Your anonymous contribution will be vitally important in allowing us to achieve this, and we thank you for taking the time to complete our survey.
Would you be open to speaking with us about your experiences of a toxic workplace? This could take place over email or a call, and would only take 10-15 minutes and could be totally anonymous if you choose.

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