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Here at Gleeson we have a host of things in place to support the well-being of our employees. We understand no two lives are the same, so we introduced flexible working hours to accomodate different lifestyles. Not only are the hours outside of work important, but we want to ensure staff have the opportunity to relax or keep active at work too. Whether it's time with the masseuse, yoga classes or working out in our on-site gym, Gleeson create an enviroment to support a healthy mind at work. 

Our structure provides the opportunity for people to flourish. We regularly have internal promotions and vancancies to reward people for their hard work and we also provide employees the opportunity to work within different areas of the business. Providing staff with on-going training is essential, we gain feedback from staff to ensure we accomodate what's needed. 

A balanced workforce is important because we believe in true meritocracy.  People’s efforts and abilities should never be bound by lines of discrimination.

At all levels within the business, people solve problems in different ways therefore operating in an inclusive manner is what we consider GOOD BUSINESS. Your customer base is diverse and therefore a company can better understand it’s demography if its workforce mirrors society.


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