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 IT Consultant

Yes, yes, we know – ALL the recruitment companies seem to think they’re different and have a damn good culture. But do us a favour, and hear us out (or read us out? Maybe not out loud if you’re at work. We don’t mind, actually. Express yourself. Run free. You do you).

Let’s get to it, shall we?

How we’re a bit different:

Our agency is multi-disciplined in name and collaborative in nature.

When we meet a client, who’s looking for to fill role regardless of sector, we’ll introduce them to all divisions (we don’t just fling them randomly from branch to branch like hot potatoes, by the way. More of an active listening/using our judgment kind of deal).

As for KPI’s…they’re not really our thing. We like to stick to an absolute MAXIMUM of one: the target of how many meetings you make. There is no counting cold calls or totting up how many CVs have been sent out to clients. You don’t have to believe us, but we’re telling the truth. Promise.

But how – we hear you ask in alarm – could this be? A recruitment firm without KPI’s? What kind of a depraved establishment are you running? What next? NO DESKS? NO CLOTHES? Easy…we’ve got oodles of desks, and the clothing policy is smart/casual (just to stress this: no clothes in the office is way, WAY too casual).

Has this done us a disservice? Well, you tell us. Other than our team reporting some curious side-effects – weird talk of being happy at work, that sort of stuff – we’ve placed with roundabout 400 companies over the last year. We’ve also just won the Downtown in Business Recruitment Company of the Year Award *insert casual hair flip* but you know, whatever. It’s cool. We didn’t all literally weep with joy, or anything.

Anyhow, enough waffle – you’ve got the gist, we hope. Let’s talk being a Business Partner for The Gleeson Group.

What we’d expect from you:

  • You’ll be a senior member of the IT recruitment team. Junior members will rely on your wise words of advice. Last time we checked, wisdom comes from experience; so you’ll need to be a pretty damn capable recruitment consultant.


  • It’s no secret that the tech industry is quite, well, technical. While we’re aware you’re a recruitment consultant and not an IT guru, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of the digital sector if you want to flourish. We’re not looking for the next Steve Jobs, but it will be hard to impress your candidates if you struggle to switch on your laptop!



  • While providing mentoring is part and parcel of your role, you’ll also be expected to set the precedent with your attitude. This means getting onboard with Gleeson Group values -that is, Fun, Flexible, Supportive, Collaborative and Family Oriented.


  • As you might’ve gathered from our ‘Flexible’ value above, we think it’s fair to allow for some flexibility with your schedule. That being said, we’d still expect some pretty regular facetime in our Birmingham office (don’t worry, you’ll like them).


  • We’re big on Corporate Social Responsibility because, well, it’s nice to be nice. Don’t get in touch unless you’re willing to do a splash of giving back from time to time.


  • As we’re collaborative in nature, we expect you to join forces with other sectors. Whether this means passing leads to other functions, attending joint visits with colleagues, managing accounts on behalf of the wider business, or generally discussing Gleeson HR services with clients, it’s important you know that you’ll need to pool your resources.


  • Finally, don’t be coy when it comes to engaging with our Gleeson Group branding on social media…