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We are self-aware as a business and our aim is to enhance the recruitment process. We provide our consultants with the tools they need to build their desk and we encourage a mature working environment where they have the freedom to manage their own time. Our consultants focus on candidate generation and relationship building – no cold calls, no unsolicited CVs and no beatings with the infamous KPI stick. As a result, we have assembled one of the most talented recruitment teams in the Midlands and Thames Valley.  

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​Creating content...

We have built an established in-house marketing team and we actively encourage our partners to utilise this resource. Our team consists of an excellent copywriter and an accomplished videographer; from blogs, to brochures, to up-to-date video content – our team have the experience and the resources to create valuable, unique and engaging content for our clients. Our LinkedIn following is bigger than any of our similar-sized competitors and we’re well on our way to taking on the big dogs - we currently have over 10,000 followers on our Company Page and we have exclusive LinkedIn Groups for every division. We also use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to publish advice and build our brand. 

Whether they want to showcase great offices, a wonderful team or communicate insightful information from a valuable member of their business – our marketing team can provide a personalised service to help you develop brand images across all communication channels.

In-house support...

We use industry leading, cloud-based CRM plus hardware to ensure our consultants have database access if out of the office and we can also encourage flexible working patterns to allow our consultants to meet client and candidate requirements promptly.

High investment in back office processes, compliance, marketing and finance as well as state of the art online timesheet portal means that the client receives a streamlined efficient and 100% compliant process and that legal issues such as GDPR are thoroughly understood and prepared for well in advance.

​Helping eachother...

We host a number of events across the year to ensure we are providing an added value service to our clients. From seminars to our annual Christmas drinks, our clients have an opportunity to network regularly.

We actively encourage partnering up with our clients to host industry events which offer advice and information on how to further delvelop businesses and careers. Topics can range from advice on digital markeing, women in industry and management buy-outs.  

We listen to both our clients and candidates to find out how we can provide added value to the service we are offering. 

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