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Five Top Tasks to Do During Lockdown

over 2 years ago by Thea Fraser

Five Top Tasks to Do During Lockdown

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It’s been almost a year since our first national lockdown, and we are slowly adjusting to a new way of work and home life. To prevent you from climbing the walls or giving yourself a new haircut in the evenings that you now have spare, we have put together a list of our five top tasks to do during lockdown.

Learn something new.

It can be work-related, or just something that you are passionate about and never had the time to invest in before. Well, now you do. There are a plethora of free courses online, simply a Google search away (e.g. The Open UniversityAdobe Education Exchange and Udemy, to name a few). Use this time to learn a new skill or build upon something that you are already pretty decent at; we all have room to learn something new. Set mini and achievable goals for your study time, not only will it add some structure to your day, but it will give you something to look forward to.

Finetune your CV.

Whether you are open to new opportunities, or you simply haven’t looked at it since your latest role, updating your CV is one thing that we all keep meaning to do. Now is a good time to collate your transferable skills, do a bit of market research and see if there are gaps in your skillset that you can fill. Consider the help of a recruitment consultant to discuss what’s going on in your industry, who’s hiring remotely or what potential opportunities are in the pipeline. That way, when this lockdown passes – and it will pass – you will be in a better position to apply to a new role or seek progression in your current role.

Create something.

Whether it’s a dish from that recipe book that you got for Christmas or gathering every drawing utensil in the house and making a masterpiece. Art and crafts are a healthy form of expression, and countless studies have shown a positive correlation between creative practice and mental wellbeing. Get better at something that you haven’t done in years, or try something new; there are thousands, if not millions, of video tutorials online.

The process of creating something gives you time to think, something to get better at and something to keep at the end of it (even if it is a terribly knitted scarf).

Tick something off of your to-do list. 

My to-do list consists of mostly Netflix programmes that I have been meaning to watch, books I have been meaning to read and household chores that I have been putting off for days, and I think that that is just fine. An evening spent catching up on your favourite shows can give you the same sense of achievement as rearranging your bedroom wardrobe. We all have different tasks on our to-do lists, pick a manageable one and work towards it. For bonus productivity points, write out your to-do list; giving yourself the added pleasure of physically crossing out each task as you complete them.

Take a break.

Whether you are working from home or powering through your to-do list, take some time out. Staying busy doesn’t always mean that you are staying productive, in fact, you are putting yourself at higher risk of burning out. It may sound counter-intuitive but, in order to stay productive, you must take breaks; have a hot drink, call a loved one, listen to your favourite song, or take five to do nothing. Have a breather. Now more than ever, it’s important for both your physical and mental wellbeing that you take some well-deserved time for yourself.

At the end of the day, you know what is going to work best for you with the time and the resources that you have available, but we hope that you have found our list of suggestions helpful! Let us know if you have any suggestions that you think that we have missed. Stay home, stay safe, stay connected and we will all get through this, together.