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Does your business have an outplacement strategy?

over 2 years ago by Thea Fraser

Does your business have an outplacement strategy?

Outplacement Outplacement

As we entered the second lockdown, many businesses were forced to make difficult business decisions and cutbacks in order to stay afloat. Having an outplacement strategy will enable your business to provide additional support that will help exiting employees find work faster after being let go. Having an effective outplacement strategy in place allows your business to manage change more effectively and ensures that departing employees feel valued and supported. 

Why Bother?

Exiting employees have contributed to the success of the business, providing additional support when they leave shows your appreciation for their work, and that you care about them as individuals.

Employer Branding

If not handled with care, making redundancies can negatively affect your brand image. Providing outplacement support will enable you to maintain healthy relationships with those impacted; helping enhance your reputation and protect your employer brand. If your departing employees become employer brand advocates for your business, then you will find it easier to attract the best talent when you come to hire in the future.

Liability Protection

When you have an effective outplacement strategy in place that offers exiting employees the support that they need to find a new role, you are reducing the likelihood of conflict or legal disputes from disgruntled ex-employees. This could save you costs in legal fees, compensation pay outs and reputational damage.

Employee Engagement 

It’s no secret that stress reduces productivity and the knowledge that your business may have to make redundancies has the potential to devastate morale. You may need to restructure or downsize due to a substantial loss of business and revenue but proving that exiting colleagues are well treated will go a long way in providing reassurance to those that remain. Doing so will boost morale, loyalty and productivity; if they were to find themselves in a similar situation, they too would be cared for.

How can we help?

The UK is currently experiencing one of the most competitive job markets that we have seen in decades and departing employees may need a little more than a severance package to keep them on their feet. The main aim of an outplacement strategy is to increase employability and prepare job seekers to land their next role, and that just so happens to be our area of expertise.

Here at Gleeson Recruitment Group, we offer a range of services to job seekers, including:

  • Market insights – Our expert team of consultants can provide insight into the latest trends, the most sought-after skills and the hottest roles on the market right now.
  • Career advice – Whether they are looking for a similar role elsewhere or considering a complete career change, we have the knowledge and the network to provide the expert advice needed to bring clarity and focus to a job search.
  • Virtual events – We regularly team up with market leaders to provide webinars on a range of hot topics from a range of sectors.
  • Networking opportunities – Sometimes, it’s not what you know but who you know, and we may be able to put them in touch with a business looking for their specific skill set.
  • CV clinics and interview coaching – We offer one-to-one CV feedback and interview preparation from our expert team of consultants.

Job hunting is stressful at the best of times but being made redundant in such a turbulent job market is daunting. Having an outplacement strategy will help departing employees stand out against the crowd and find a new role faster. If you would like to discuss an outplacement strategy for your business, get in touch.