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My Date With Glee

Jemini Dalal
almost 5 years ago by Jemini Dalal

My Date With Glee

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Picture it.

You’re waiting in a café to meet them for the first time. Out of courtesy you’ve arrived early. You’re a little apprehensive – though you know they’re interested. The minute your profile caught their eye, they’ve been in hot pursuit of you. You’ve had missed calls, friendly texts – even an email. Once the two of you got talking, you agreed a face to face meeting was the next obvious step.

The thing is, as usual, you don’t know what to expect. A quick run through your mental roster reminds you of some off-putting previous encounters. You’ve met your fair share of those slick, pushy types. All glib flattery and no substance, giving you a feeling that they’re using well-rehearsed moves on you. That uneasy sense that they’re using you as a means to an end; a quick fix to fulfil their immediate needs. Sure, they have the gift of the gab…which they use liberally, jumping in and talking over you whenever you try to tell them a bit about yourself. They make assurances with bravado, but skirt around your attempts to dig a little deeper, always giving answers which seem suspiciously vague.

Then again, meeting a relative stranger in the flesh always brings an element of uncertainty. And if you’re being honest with yourself, you wouldn’t be here if you were content with your current situation. Maybe you feel a passing niggle of disloyalty – but it’s just a lunch, really, isn’t it? An innocent bite to eat, while you casually put out the feelers for what else is out there. There’s no crime in exploring your options, after all.

Because lately, things have felt a little stale. A little…off. It all seemed so great at first, but now it’s almost like you’re part of the furniture. You rack your brains, trying to think of the last time you were made to feel truly appreciated. Six months ago? A year? Longer?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who you can rely on? Someone who cares about your well-being in the long-term?

No need for further conjecture: they’ve arrived. From the get go, things are looking promising.

They certainly don’t seem like the others. For starters, it’s clear they’re genuinely interested in what you want. There’s no silky promises, no indication that they think they know what’s best for you before they’ve tried to get to know you. You immediately get the sense that you can trust them, though you can’t quite put your finger on what it is. Perhaps it’s all those insightful questions they’re asking relating to your previous conversations, or the way they lean in and listen to your answers without hastening to interrupt. Maybe it’s that their undivided attention has reminded you of your worth, making you recognise why you put yourself out there in the first place.

You realise you don’t want things to end here. How could you, when you’re starting to get the sense that you’ve found The One?

That special someone who knows to be tactfully honest with you when things don’t quite go your way. The type of person who cares about your future, and will do everything in their means to help you move forward. Someone who you can see yourself building a real, long-term relationship with. At last, you’ve bagged yourself the real deal. No one ever said that finding the recruitment consultant of your dreams was easy.

But isn’t it worth it to live happily ever after?

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Credit – Clare Toner