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Copywriters are responsible for any and all text/copy for the purpose of advertising or marketing. They will either sit in-house as part of the marketing function and report to the marketing manager or be taken on contractually/freelance to support the marketing function when needed. A Copy Writer’s main focus is to write memorable promotional material that will raise brand awareness and convince a particular person or group to act (usually to invest in a product or service or adopt a different viewpoint). They may be required to write creative copy (such as catchy taglines, catchphrases and headlines) or research-based copy (such as job descriptions or infographics) depending on the client’s specific requirements.

An experienced copywriter is expected to adopt the company’s ethos and values and come up with creative ways to digitally market and advertise the client's core messages. They will brainstorm visual ideas with other creative members of the marketing function (such as marketing executives and graphic designers) to create copy for leaflets, magazines, websites and books. They may also assist in unifying a client’s tone of voice across all communication channels, this may include writing for social media platforms, mobile applications, email campaigns and much more.

The ideal candidate will have confident communication skills and an aptitude for writing persuasively. They will have a combination of education and experience: this role typically requires a BA in English, Journalism, Creative Writing or any other written communication-based degree. You will be expected to provide a portfolio that illustrates your writing abilities and you may be given a written task from your hiring manager.


Birmingham is the heart beat of the Midlands. With an estimated population of 1,137,100 (2017), Birmingham is Britain's second largest city. Once famed for its engineering trade and innovation; 'the city of 1000 trades' is now home to a diverse economy of service industries, retailing and tourism. 

Birmingham is rich in culture. From the Balti Triangle to St Paul's Square, the Birmingham Royal Ballet to the o2 Academy; every weekend welcomes and event or festival that celebrates the best of Birmingham's creative arts, food, sport and heritage. Home to five universities and boasting more canals than Venice, Birmingham has grown to be an energising hub of retail, transport, conference and exposition.

The Birmingham job market is flourishing and the job market continues to strengthen As well as Birmingham being selected to host the Commonwealth Games in 2022, new data from jobs site, Monster, shows that outside of London, Birmingham is the best city in the UK to develop a career within the digital industry. 

Birmingham's appetite for progression is boundless. The city has been championing innovation since the Industrial Revolution. Today, Birmingham focuses mighty research and resources on developing the next generation of everything from greener transport to genetics, from regeneration to faster broadband speeds.