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account director

In the marketing, digital and advertising sectors, an effective Account Director will build and maintain amicable relationships with a wide range of clients and take the lead in the planning and execution of personalised marketing strategies and campaigns.

Account Directors have a holistic understanding of their sector - they will have cultivated demonstrable knowledge and experience across a wide range of marketing and digital specialisms within B2B or B2C, enabling them to tailor their service to each client’s specific needs.

An established Account Director will manage, support and inspire a team of senior account managers (SAMs), account managers (AMs) and executives. They will have a great aptitude for leadership and communication, and a keen desire to push their team, their clients and their agency both creatively and strategically.

The ideal candidate will have previous experience as a team leader or line manager within a creative or digital agency – meaning they will be a confident presenter, have a great understanding of (and respect for) the creative process and an excellent comprehension of brand and best practice marketing approaches (including digital communications).

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